Research + Science + Rigour = Real Change

Qingtech /kin'tek/ help organisations shape and achieve sustainability goals through scientifically measuring and managing the environmental impacts of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services and data

Our Services

ICT Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)

  • Reveal the full energy and environmental impact of your ICT infrastructure, services, and data
  • Track progress and claim benefits with rigorous auditing and benchmarking
  • Achieve organisation's net zero goal through science based investment decision making
  • Generate simple but scientifically valid marketing and sales collateral
What’s the environmental impact of running my CRM system?

Sustainable ICT Growth Accelerator

Based on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), we can:
  • Identify political, social, behavioural, technological and economic barriers to sustainable ICT growth through unique commercial and operational analysis
  • Develop practical strategies and action plans for organisations to break down barriers and accelerate sustainable ICT growth
What’s stopping our organisation from running the most sustainable ICT?

Change Enablement Toolkits

Based on Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), we can:
  • Provide simple yet effective science communication to kick-start ADKAR (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement) change process
  • Create useful apps, reports and software tools to help organisations generate a can-do and will-do environment allowing meaningful change to take place
  • Drive individual and collective change through science based sustainability goal setting
How can I help my organisation make positive changes?

Who We’re Working With

Our Team

Dr Dan Williams

Founder & Director

Dan is an environmental sustainability technologist – a technology specialist aiming to enable real and positive environmental impact. He is a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) specialist, having focused his doctorate on the LCA of technology services, and continues to lead academic research in this area. Dan has 10+ years’ experience of developing novel methods and applying research expertise to progress and enable tangible positive environmental sustainability strategies for the commercial sector. Dan has worked with Google, BBC, Microsoft and others to establish scientific rigour and create new ways to positively impact sustainability by using technologies.


Josh Eadie

Chief Technical Officer

Josh is a technology specialist – with a background in robotics and artificial intelligence, he has a passion for  integrating the fundamentals of environmental sustainability to every project. Josh is the Chief Technical Officer of Qingtech and excels in applying specialist technical knowledge to environmental data problems to achieve novel, effective, and leading solutions.

Dr Yu-Chun Pan


Yu-Chun has years of experience in technology-enabled change and project portfolio management. Applying both academic rigor and industry best practice, he has worked with organisations to establish their portfolio management capability and enable associated socio-technical changes. His projects include collaboration with Innovate UK and Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP).

Jacob French

Technical Operations Analyst

Jacob has a keen interest in the technologies and problems surrounding the future of sustainability in the built environment, and how innovations can achieve a regenerative future. As the technical operations analyst at Qingtech, Jacob conducts research, investigates processes, and analyses data to generate insights into the environmental impacts of technologies.

Dr Pete Thomond

Dr Pete Thomond


Pete earned his PhD in the subject of Disruptive Innovation, in 2005, from Cranfield University’s School of Applied Sciences. Today, he consults, teaches and publishes to deliver innovation in the fields of environmental technology, health, high-tech and youth development. He does this as a founding partner of Qingtech Ltd, Clever Together LLP and SportInspired Ltd.

The Talent Pool

The Talent Pool

Project Delivery

We draw upon the talent and resources of our academic network to help deliver projects – ranging from world leading Profs through to super-smart PhD students – from Cambridge University, University of East Anglia, Reading University, Imperial College and the London School of Economics.

Our Ethos

Research, Science and Rigour to Enable Real Change

We create, enhance, and research scientific and rigorous methodologies to calculate the environmental impact of ICT. Our emphasis is always upon making sure the science is correct and targeting specific audiences; rather than providing an overload of information and data.

We want our science and outputs to be useable, and create actual positive impact upon the environment. We help organisations understand and manage their own ICT impact and how they can use their own data and/or ICT to enable positive environmental change.